Handmade Leather Goods

Handcrafted products from the finest vegetable tanned leather.
A sustainable and ecological product that can last a lifetime.

Made From Scratch with Only the Best Materials

There are many types of leather, I only use full grain vegetable tanned leather of the best quality. Because:

  • I only want the best for you
  • It has little or no impact on the environment
  • I strive to make the best product, in which I put so much love, care and time, that can last for many years.

Custom made for you

After you order the product, I will make your product by hand especially for you. This makes it possible to implement special wishes as required and the product can also be personalized with, for example, a name, logo or an image.

Why full grain vegetable tanned leather?

The choice to only use full grain vegetable tanned leather is clear to anyone who knows me a little. Nature is perhaps my greatest love, where I can I will contribute to not pollute nature further as we have already done. So to choose a product, which is a waste product from the meat industry, which is only tanned with vegetable products, is natural for me. In addition, the quality of this leather is much higher than chemically tanned leather. Chemically tanned leather certainly can feel very luxurious in the beginning, but does not have the strength and durability of vegetable tanned leather. When you use the products I make normally and regularly apply a good balm, then that product can last a lifetime and only get more beautiful. Chemically tanned leather is at its best when it comes out of the tannery and then wears step by step.
Because vegetable-based tanning is a much more complicated and longer process, therefore this leather is usually a lot more expensive.

Full grain leather, is the top layer of the hide, which is also the strongest. You can tell from the structure of the skin that the top layer is where the fibers are closest together. In addition, full grain leather also has more character, because you can still see markings such as scars, course of blood vessels, branding, etc. If it fits, I also process this in the products.

Our Products

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact me. I have a big list of patterns and ideas that I still want to make, maybe there’s what you’re looking for. Like, more handbags, backpacks, tote bags, messenger bags, travel bags, different hats (in all sizes), wallets, sleeves and covers for notebooks, computers, tablets etc.
So let me know what you like!


The Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium brings together 20 artisan tanneries of the Tuscan Leather District to protect their niche of high quality product, united by the same philosophy and values of production which are closely linked to the territory.

The leather I use comes from these tanneries.

Please Feel Free to ask your Question.

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